Support Local

Writhlington Leisure is a local not-for-profit charity. Our objective is to provide a broad range of sports and leisure facilities for the local communities of Radstock and Midsomer Norton.

With the emergence of global commercial 24/7 leisure providers trading is becoming increasingly challenging.

Why support us?

  • We employ over 160 local people
  • We reinvest 100% of any surpluses made
  • We have invested over £4m over the past 10 years
  • We will continue to invest in developing our sites and activities
  • We will keep our charges as low as possible – our charges reflect our operating costs with any surpluses made being reinvested
  • We care about our local community and we’re passionate in continuing to develop the services we provide to help improve the health and well being of local people
  • We reward loyalty – we offer a loyalty scheme on our memberships where the monthly fee you pay on joining is the fee you’ll pay for the lifetime of your membership: no annual increases, guaranteed!

What Plans do we have for the future?

With your continued support we plan to:

  • Extend the fitness suite at Writhlington to allow us to increase our weight training facilities to include a large free weights area with plate loaded machines and a functional training area
  • Continue our 5 yearly fitness equipment upgrade programme – our CV and resistance equipment at both sites will next be upgraded July 2020
  • Extend the car park at Midsomer Norton Sports Centre to create 50 additional spaces
  • Develop and update the play park at Midsomer Norton to create a compelling, exciting and high play value adventure park

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us over the past 13 years since our inception. Your support has helped develop and shape the now broad range of sports and leisure facilities available in the Norton Radstock area.