Customer Testimonials

Elizabeth’s Testimonial – January 2019

Helpful friendly staff and good instruction in class.

Sarah’s Testimonial – January 2019

Welcoming and happy environment, great staff. Well organised and clean and tidy gym.

Tash’s Testimonial – November 2018

After years of feeling like I should go to the gym but not actually achieving anything during my time there, beginning to train with Azlee changed everything.

I had used the fact that I had always been over weight and unfit as a reason not to push myself but she showed me that with many small steps huge things can be achieved. I began to enjoy pushing my body harder and even more so the feeling I experienced when I could suddenly lift a heavier weight or run a further distance. Each time she showed me something new, to extend my workout or develop a part of my body that she knew I wanted to focus on, she also counteracted my words of doubt and “I can’t do that” attitude with encouragement, belief in me and the motivation that I had needed for those many years of wanting to get fit but not knowing how.

Azlee’s approach is strong and determined but she also couples that with such a warm, approachable personality which takes away the intimidation I, along with many others, feel when attempting something new related to fitness.

Azlee has not only dramatically changed my body for the better but also my whole approach to health and fitness. Thanks to her I am now someone who feels my most empowered and at home within a gym environment. I no longer feel conscious of what I look like as she has instilled in me that it is a constant journey and the only important thing is that you are committed to being on it which thanks to her I now am.

Katie’s Testimonial – November 2018

I first joined the gym in October 2017 through the passport to health this was a really good scheme for me as it was financially viable and I was able to join my local centre (writhlington) which was close to home. After the P2H Writhlington offered a discount for the first 3 months of my membership which was a great benefit!

As well as becoming more active I joined my local slimming world group which made a big difference, after having my daughter I piled on weight and yoyo’d my way through losing and again gaining 3 stone. This time i was determined to make a difference. The trainers at Writhlington were so friendly and welcoming they made me feel comfortable in the gym and gave me varied programs to keep my weight loss going. I had regular check ins with instructors who helped track my workouts as well as my body stats. Sometimes the workouts i was given were groulling, and as much as I moaned at Azlee I knew she had my best interests at heart. And actually I hate to admit it, she was right, you can’t change if you don’t challenge yourself. And all the instructors are there to help you along the way!

In total I have lost just over 7 stone, but more importantly I have gained confidence in myself and my body, I now feel I can wear dresses which prior to my loss would not have been the case! I can now walk my daughter to school without getting out of breath. My quality of life has drastically changed, I never though at the age of 32 I would be playing bulldog with my daughter and family running around here there and everywhere! Last year I did my very first race for life which again is something I would have never even considered had I not joined the gym, the icing on the cake was when my daughter asked if we could do it together next year!

I have not only lost weight during my journey I have gained precious memories with my family.

Lynne’s Testimonial – November 2018

Good instructors, with classes to suit all abilities and ages.

Charley’s Testimonial – October 2018

We visited the soft play centre for the first time this morning after a friend suggested meeting there. What a lovely place to bring my twins. The layout is fantastic and the safe toddler areas are brilliant. Even though it was busy there were so many sections it didn’t feel crowded. My two had the toddler platter, which was so reasonable and delicious. Just what 2 year old need. The staff were more than helpful and pleasant and it was such a lovely clean environment. Thank you for a lovely morning. It’s a half hour drive from us but definitely worth it and we’ll be back soon.

Adrian’s Testimonial – September 2018

Great facilities and cost

Jacqueline’s Testimonial – September 2018

I found it very nice there no rushing easy to use the apparatus relaxed atmosphere

Gill’s Testimonial – September 2018

Very pleasant & approachable member of the gym staff

Colin’s Testimonial – September 2018

Just love the place, particularly the fab trainers!

Carole-Anne’s Testimonial – August 2018

Facilities available are fantastic as is the value for money membership costs. Staff are friendly and helpful. Other users are welcoming…..

Frances’ Testimonial – August 2018

I was given very good advice and encouragement.

Michelle’s Testimonial – August 2018

Good facilities. Wide range of activities. Friendly staff

Joy’s Testimonial – July 2018

Friendly trainers and great equipment

Paul’s Testimonial – July 2018

The staff are very welcoming, helpful and work hard for the centre. e.g. Hannah this morning came into the swimming pool at 6:15pm to supervise and without being asked by anyone noticed that the pool was untidy. In a very business like way while supervising she was able to tidy everything away very conscientiously and neatly in a well organised way. Thus making the environment that much better for the customers. Thank you to Hannah and Withlington.

Phyllis Testimonial – July 2018


Elizabeth’s Testimonial – July 2018

Friendly helpful staff

Jo’s Testimonial – July 2018

Friendly helpful staff and cleanliness, well organised sessions

David’s Testimonial – July 2018

It’s just that it suits my needs perfectly, it has been quiet and relaxed each time i have visited which is a bonus for and old codger like me!

Maya’s Testimonial – June 2018

I was a pay as you go customer but used so frequently for swimming and yoga at Writhlington that I became a member, really like the facilities and friendly staff, great to have use of the steam room after a swim and the yoga classes on Tue and Weds afternoons are very, very good. Only used the gym a few times so far but the equipment and spaces are great. My only criticism would be that the pool gets very busy early so opening before 6.15am might be advantageous or having another lane for swimmers between medium and casual with a one way system to avoid the bustle. Otherwise great facilities and especially good customer service from the young lady with blond hair (at Writhlington) who always remembers my name and is very professional and welcoming.

Sam’s Testimonial – June 2018

I have found all the staff to be friendly and approachable. Always there to help or give advice. Have found mike in the gym has given a lot of support and encouragement. Great member of your team.

Lea’s Testimonial – June 2018

Ease of parking, plus parking is free, close to where I live so convenient. Staff are friendly. I use the centre to swim, the changing rooms are fine, friendly with regular users. Pool and surrounding area is clean, showers are clean, warm and with good pressure. Lockers are easy to use and a good size so easy to stow clothing. Having done early morning swimming over many years at different pools, the staff at this pool are the biggest asset, they are all friendly polite and chatty. So thank you!

Yvonne’s Testimonial – May 2018

Excellent instructors, friendly and helpful staff, great class variety and clean facilities.

Party Feedback from a Parent – May 2018

Party hosts are lovely, very helpful and good with the kids, they made the party easy and relaxing for us. Excellent party, kids had great fun, food was great and the place is very well set up. Cannot fault it and would definitely recommend. All made very easy from start to finish and great that a gluten free option was provided.

Party Feedback from a Parent – May 2018

Absolutely fantastic with our special needs children. Thank you.

Barry’s Testimonial – May 2018

Great Facilities. Staff are very helpful. Always clean and tidy.

Tom’s Testimonial – May 2018

The Cardio Tennis session on a Thursday is excellent!

Kate’s Testimonial – May 2018

Its a very friendly atmosphere and I don’t at all feel out of place.

Tom’s Testimonial – May 2018

I talk a lot and the staff are polite enough to listen. Also spotted me for PB of 100kg bench

Ryan’s Testimonial – April 2018

Very helpful

Adrian’s Testimonial – April 2018

Staff are interested in my progress, friendly and professional

Sally’s Testimonial – April 2018

I have no reason to score lower . Never had a problem so unless I do its a ten.

Julie’s Testimonial – April 2018

I really enjoy coming here. All the instructors are very friendly and helpful. I like the fact that they have a challenge board, which I am on so I enjoy trying to beat my own times as well as those of others. The gym is always lovely and clean. I would recommend it to other people.

Paula’s Testimonial – April 2018

Friendly environment. Amazing staff… always happy to help in the centre and on the phone. Always a positive experience

Fay’s Testimonial – April 2018

Dave is so helpful. Nothing is too much trouble. I love the gym and the classes and the staff are first rate.

Julie’s Testimonial – April 2018

Writhlington leisure are moving forward all of the time. I love the variety of classes & even if you can’t fit a class in you use the multi functional room at Midsomer Norton which is fab