Customer Testimonials

Paul’s Testimonial – December 2017

Very friendly and professional. Great atmosphere a great place to workout.

Paul’s Testimonial – December 2017

Facilities are great at Writhlington, great value for money! I love it.

Colin’s Testimonial – December 2017

This gym has become a major part of my life since embarking on the Passport to Health programme. I love the friendly and highly supportive atmosphere of the place. The female trainers, in particular, make it a ‘fun’ place to train. Amy, Azlee. Charlotte, Kate and Sam exude enthusiasm and positivity whenever they are present. It is their contribution to the ethos of the gym that will enable it to survive in the present highly competitive world of fitness, with the rapid growth in 24/7 fitness centres!

Lisa’s Testimonial – November 2017

Friendly staff, excellent facilities, great choice of classes and spotlessly clean.

Alan’s Testimonial – November 2017

Really good package with both gyms, swimming, climbing which we do as a family.

Charlie’s Testimonial – October 2017

I think the gym is great and the staff are really helpful and understanding.

June’s Testimonial – October 2017

Excellent customer service.

Sharon’s Testimonial – October 2017

Friendly helpful people, very encouraging.

Sarah’s Testimonial – October 2017

Charlotte is very approachable and friendly, which is what I see from all the staff at Writhlington. Which gives a great atmosphere to be in.

Barry’s Testimonial – October 2017

It’s a pleasure to visit the centre.

Colin’s Testimonial – October 2017

Fitness in pleasurable surroundings!

Lynn’s Testimonial – October 2017

Very friendly gym. Accessible to all

Suzanne’s Testimonial – October 2017

The staff are friendly and helpful, the facilities, classes and teachers are superb!

Max’s Testimonial – September 2017
Excellent, friendly staff – motivating atmosphere – clean and pleasant environment. Would certainly recommend

Clean pool. Good friendly staff.

Frank’s Testimonial – September 2017

very high standard of instruction, with attention to individual needs. Also, friendly staff,which goes a long way to putting new members at ease

George’s Testimonial – September 2017

Is perfect for what I need and everyone working there are really helpful and friendly

Matthew’s Testimonial – August 2017

Great venue, great equipment and super helpful staff.

Lea’s Testimonial – August 2017

This is a really nice facility, I use the swimming pool, it and the changing rooms are clean, the staff are really friendly and the water is warm. Due to the number of regular users it is a really friendly place to go to. I swim early mornings, it is close to where I live, is convenient and fits in perfectly with my lifestyle. One of its main strengths is the friendly staff. It is also good value for money when swimming on a regular basis.

Karen’s Testimonial – August 2017

Emily is a brilliant workout instructor always makes sure our technique is good on each exercise, she makes it fun and will always make time after the class if you have questions or queries. Always know I’ve had a good workout after Emily has finished with us.

Stephen’s Testimonial – August 2017

Just a great place with great instructors

Colin’s Testimonial – August 2017

Friendly atmosphere. Lovely gym. Machines in excellent condition.

Johannes’s Testimonial – August 2017

Staff friendly and very helpful, particularly Luke Taylor + Charlotte ball. good equipment. Love coming and working out

David’s Testimonial – August 2017

Excellent local facility and very friendly staff.

Daran’s Testimonial – July 2017

When my 13 year old daughter had been involved with rock climbing, Luke was really good with her and helped her to develop her skills and greatly increase her confidence which had a knock on effect in her confidence outside of the rock climbing lessons. Although it has been two years since her last lesson, Luke remembered me and introduced himself to me during a gym session, he was keen to Know how my fitness programme was going and offered to review it for me. He was also very helpful when I lost my membership card during the gym session and went out of his way to help me find it.

Lee’s Testimonial – July 2017

Luke really took the time to understand what I needed from my gym sessions. The plan he put together is perfect for my needs.

Terry’s Testimonial – July 2017

Excellent facilities and a great friendly helpful staff team!

Chloe’s Testimonial – July 2017

The fitness class instructors are friendly and knowledgeable, as well as those who work in the gym. The programmes done by gym staff are specific to the individual. Progress is measured well with the body fat, muscle and water measurements so you know how you are progressing. The GRIT classes are effective and taught really well.

Stuart’s Testimonial – June 2017

Recently discovered the climbing wall there. Been a few times now. Really impressed with all of the facilities. All the staff are extra friendly and helpful. Plus, it’s great value for money too. Will recommend to friends.

Tessa’s Testimonial – June 2017

Mike is always friendly and welcoming. Going to the gym can be quite daunting – friendly faces make all the difference!