Weight Loss Support


Want to lose weight the right way??

Our instructors are here to help you to achieve your goals.
Everyone can benefit from learning about how the foods we eat on a daily basis affect our bodies. The information you will have access to as a member will help you enhance your knowledge about diet and exercise.  Our friendly and experienced staff will discuss balanced eating, portion sizes, healthy choices and the importance of activity. They will help to dispel any dieting myths and support you in making small positive lifestyle changes towards improving your health and wellbeing. Further support can be viewed on our Weight Loss Support Programme  page.

Please note our weight loss support is only available to Inclusive members and is provided at no additional cost.

For further information please contact reception on 01761 252631.

Weight Management practical guide


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Weight Management – Slenderiiz

Slenderiiz (Weight Management System)


MOA (36 Superfood drink) – Nutrifii range