Duckling Stages


Duckling Badge 1 1. Make a supervised safe entry with adult support
2. Kick 2m on the back with adult support
3. Float on the back with adult support behind the head
4. Blow bubbles at the water surface
5. Wet the head without submersion
6. Travel without assistance 2m to a floating object
Ducklings Badge 2 1. Make a sitting entry with adult support
2. Blow an object for a distance of 2m
3. Rotate through 180 degrees without assistance
4. Move 5m along the wall or rail without assistance
5. Travel 3m using arms and/or legs without assistance
6. Submerge the face with confidence
Ducklings Badge 3 1. Make a supervised jump to an adult with or without support
2. Kick 5m on the front holding a float (the adult may be holding the other end of the float)
3. Blow bubbles with the mouth under water
4. Float on front OR back without adult support
5. Travel 5m on the front to the side of the pool
Ducklings Badge 4 1. Jump unaided, but supervised into the water
2. Submerge completely
3. Rotate through 360 degrees either horizontally or vertically
4. Show a mushroom OR star float
5. Travel without assistance 10m on front or back
6. Climb out of water, with assistance if required