Junior Gymnastics Welcome Letter

Dear Parent / Guardian

I am writing to welcome you to Writhlington Sports Centre and to thank you for enrolling your child onto our Gymnastics programme. I would like to take this opportunity to advise you of the following information which you may find helpful.

Fees for the sessions will be collected via direct debit monthly in advance. This will make enrolment and payment for classes easier and more affordable, as payments are spread over 12 equal monthly payments. You will also have more control in terms of when you wish to stop payments. The monthly costs are as follows:-

Members £14.08 per month (equivalent of £4.22 per class)
Associate Members £17.85 per month (equivalent of £5.36 per class)

Please note that a full calendar month’s notice is required, in writing, for cancellations from customers paying monthly by direct debit. All cancellation requests must be emailed to cancellations@writhlingtonleisure.co.uk We will cancel your payments so there is no need to cancel at your bank. We would ask that you DO NOT cancel the direct debit with your bank if paying for multiple classes from the same account as they will cancel all instructions.

We do allow a changeover time between lessons for you to briefly speak to the coach, should there be any queries regarding your child’s progress.

Below is a summary of the objectives of our Gymnastics programme. Full details including information on our award schemes can be found on the Gymnastics page of our website.

Our Gymnastics programme;-

● Gives children an opportunity to develop and learn new skills in a safe and enjoyable environment.
● Follows’ the British Gymnastics Proficiency Award Scheme. Please refer to the gymnastics page on our website for full details.
● Allows children to work towards and gain Writhlington Sports Centre Proficiency Awards. Please refer to the gymnastics page on our website for full details.
● Prepares children for our Team Tumbler classes, where they will have the opportunity to compete at low level competitions should they choose to do so.
● Provides a development programme / pathway for the most talented gymnasts with further links to a high performance gymnastics centre in Bristol for those capable to compete at regional or even national level.
● Aim’s to give regular feedback to parents regarding their child’s progression.
● Improves a child’s co-ordination, stature and confidence in a fun way.

We do ask that you remain on site during your child’s class, this will allow us to get hold of you quickly if necessary.


Refunds will not be issued for missed sessions or where your child decides they do not wish to attend any longer. Credits will only be issued, at the discretion of the General Manager, should your child be unable to attend for more than 2 consecutive weeks due to illness or injury. However, this must be supported by an appropriate Doctor’s note.

We welcome and encourage customer feedback on all aspects of our service as this helps shape our improvement plan. Please email us at courses@writhlingtonleisure.co.uk if you have any queries or feedback regarding our gymnastics programme or any other aspect of our provision.

I trust the above information is helpful, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further details.

I do hope your child enjoys their time with us and look forward to seeing you soon.

Yours faithfully
Fiona Clark
General Manager