Course suspension policy

Course Suspensions

We accept that there may be ocassions where you/your child may not be able to attend for an extended period of time due to injury, long term illness or other personal reasons. In these circumstances we offer the following options

  1. Payments are suspended for that period. In this instance you/your child will be removed from the class and added to the top of our waiting list. We are unable to hold spaces without payment.  
  2. You continue to make payments to guarantee your space. In this instance there is no requirement to comlpete our suspension form. We would request however that you email us at to advise that you/your child will not be attending due to illness, injury or personal reasons so that we can inform our coaching teams accordingly.

It is important to note that our charges are calculated on 100% occupancy and as such we are unable to reserve a child’s place without payment.    

The following Terms and Conditions apply for suspensions (where payments have been suspended)  

  • Courses can only be suspended for full calendar months (i.e 1st – 31st) and must have a start and end date. Please note that we need at least 10 days notice prior to your next direct debit collection date (on or around 1st of any month).
  • We require advance notice of the suspension period. Under no circumstances will suspensions be backdated.
  • Customers who suspend their place on the course will not be issued refunds under any circumstances for the remainder of the current month which the suspension starts.
  • Any person/child requesting a course suspension will be removed from the course programme and placed on the top of the waiting list. Only when a place becomes available will the person/child be offered to re-join the course following suspension. Payments will re-commence from the new start date.
  • Suspensions can only be submitted using our online sports course suspension form. We will not accept requests by any other means.
  • Suspension period cannot exceed 6 months.