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Offering the highest quality, toxin-free, science-driven products and services for total health and lifestyle improvements and quality.

ARIIX works with leading experts in health and wellness to bring you the most relevant and highest quality health products on the market today.

The gold standard of quality, including ingredients, formulas, testing and certificates

Stringent regulations and testing of all of our brands, from ingredients to manufacturing


What are the Ariix products?

Ariix Nutrifii is a natural health product provider that focuses on providing chemical free alternatives to individuals that follow natural lifestyle principles. The products offered by Ariix Products are created with a holistic perspective in mind, and approach the health of the body as a complete system rather than a collection of disparate parts.

The Ariix Products range includes weight loss management solutions, complete and balanced nutrition options, personal care products, anti-aging skin care solutions, water and air filtration devices, and essential oils.

All of the products offered by Ariix are free from gluten, and contain no soy, GMO ingredients, artificial flavors, synthetic colors or sweeteners, binders, or fillers, and are free from sugar. Ariix Products is EQG certified, and also boasts Leaping Bunny animal cruelty free certification in addition to PETA cruelty free certification.


The Ariix Products Range

The Ariix Products range consists of six different product lines, the first of which is the Nutrifii range. The Ariix Nutrifii range delivers first step therapy that optimizes the health of the body from the inside out. Based on the five essential concepts of optimal health as devised by Ray D. Strand, M.D., the Nutrifii range includes omega-3 supplements, vitamins and minerals, and targeted nutraceutical solutions.

The second product line offered by Ariix is the Slenderiiz range, which offers fast, healthy weight loss through the delivery of targeted nutritional ingredients. The Slenderiiz range includes products such as meal replacement solutions, weight loss supplements, and complete natural diet systems.

The Ariix Products Puritii range offers consumers the ability to eliminate toxins from their water with a small selection of powerful cutting edge water filtration solutions and large-scale home air purification devices. The Reviive range is focused on providing chemical-free cleansing solutions such as body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and toothpaste.

Ariix Nutrifii Products offers a diverse selection of high quality health products, presenting health conscious consumers with the ability to eliminate toxins and chemicals from virtually every aspect of their lives and homes. If you’re looking for a reputable, reliable, and high-quality natural product provider, Ariix is one of the best solutions on the market today.

Ariix’s Priime range consists of a selection of essential oils that are created by combining cutting edge extraction techniques with ancient traditional medicine practices. Jouve is the final product range offered by Ariix and is focused on providing natural skin care and anti-aging products that contain no parabens, pollutants, toxins, or other damaging chemicals.

The Ariix Opportunity

In addition to delivering a wide range of high quality natural products, Ariix also provide health conscious consumers with the ability to earn discounts, free products, and even gain financial independence through their representative programs.

Ariix Representative programs make it possible to earn unlimited income in many different countries around the world, including America, Australia, Korea, China, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

The ARIIX Seal of Approval is the gold standard that symbolizes the pursuit to always be best in class.

To hold ourselves accountable to our own standard and provide you the very best, we subject ourselves to the most stringent regulations and testing of all of our brands, from ingredients to parts to manufacturing:

Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG): Recently certified Nutrifii Optimals and Restoriix products as free of substances banned by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) and other professional and amateur sports associations.

United States Pharmacopeia: Established USP guidelines that ARIIX follows. Following USP standards guarantees that the tablets or capsules dissolve so the body gets the maximum benefit from the ingredients.

Water quality standards are set by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in which cities and states are required to comply with. Puritii’s filtration ability far exceeds the standards set by the EPA.

A Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) refers to any food product that has been altered at the gene level. With the growing health concerns over the use of GMOs in our food supply, ARIIX is committed to producing all of their products without the use of GMOs.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are practices recommended by agencies that control authorization and licensing for the manufacture and sale of food, supplements, and drug products. These guidelines provide minimum requirements that a pharmaceutical or a food product manufacturer must meet in order to assure that the products are of high quality and do not pose any risk to the consumer. All ARIIX supplements are GMP certified.

On April 3, 2017, ARIIX received certification from Informed-Sport for products within their Nutrifii and Slenderiiz brands. Informed-Sport certifies that every supplement and raw material with the Informed-Sport logo has passed a rigorous certification process and is made with the highest quality standards.

Informed-Sport is a quality assurance program for sports nutrition products, suppliers to the sports nutrition industry and supplement manufacturing facilities. Athletes use Informed-Sport as part of their risk management strategy when choosing which supplement products to use.

“We are proud to have this certification on our products, as validation that they are free of any contaminants and banned substances,” says Tom Jackson, VP of Product Development and Regulatory Affairs. “Our consumers can have complete confidence in the ARIIX products.”

ARIIX products have been certified by the Banned Substance Control Group (BSCG) for several years. ARIIX applied for the additional Informed-Sport certification due to globally recognized standards. The Informed-Sport certification currently covers Optimal-V, Vinali, BioPro-Q, Magnical-D and the Slenderiiz Day and Night drops. Additional products will be certified as testing and verification is completed. For more information about the Informed-Sports certification visit